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Future is just a repetition of the past /W.D. Gann/
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W.D. Gann Lambert-Gann Publishing Co. (English) Lambert-Gann Educators Inc - rather interesting techniques which can help you to learn about W.D. Ganns methods. - (English) excellent site about W.D. Ganns method by David Burton - a trader and hedger from Australia. Free registration access to the articles about trading on commodity. - Free review of the Gann's rules with interesting examples.
"Astroeconomics Bonnie Lee Hill" - Full review internet's surses by financial astrology, Gann's methods, data for analisys and so on.

Financial astrology - (English) a site by Miles Wilson Walker a trader from New Zealand. Contains excellent articles about the use of astrology made by W.D. Gann - Marriman Market Analisis weekly comments on financial markets based upon astrology and cycles. Raimond Marriman. Astrological correlations with pivot (reversal) points in the markets. - Amanita Market Forecasting Manfred Zimmel a highly professional site where you can subscribe to free news. Strongly recommended.
Astroeconomics - (English) contains articles about the choice of securities which will be ahead of the market (Jupiter and Saturns ingressing in the signs of the Zodiac), past articles are free.
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  • Dec, 15 2005:
    New version v.3 of the program!!!
    10 days from Dec, 15 - Dec,25 you may to buy a program at a discount of 10%
    Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  • Nov, 01 2005:
    Program change name to MGA: Master Gann Analyzer