Forecasting of the financial markets

Gann W.D. Financial astrology.

Future is just a repetition of the past /W.D. Gann/
About a program
User's guide
for analyze and trading on W.D.Gann methods

MGA - Master Gann Analyzer
Trading methods
based upon planetary influences
W.D. Ganns techniques

The program includes the following techniques and options:
  • PPL (Planets Price Line) in geo, - and helio-centric coordinates:
    • 10 planets and NDE.
    • Gann Midpoints COE, MOF, MOS in geo, - and helio-centric coordinates : Circle Of Eight midpoint of the 8 planets, that run around a Sun ; Mean Of Five midpoint of the 5 main planets without Mars; and Mean Of Six midpoint of the 6 main planets.
    • Possibility to set the price/degree ratio within the range of 0.001 to 1000 price units (USD, RUR, EUR)..
    • Possibility to set the number of complete zodiacal cycles to 360 degrees.
    • True positions of planets and points, as well as Mirror position - a mirror-like reflection of a planets relative position to 0 degree of Aries.
    • All sorts of harmonies (aspects) to planetary positions.
    ( Examples of the Planetary Lines see on the link!).

  • Planetary declination, longitude, latitude, distance lines..
  • Functions, based upon W.D. Ganns techniques.
    • Gann HiLo - Activators Hi/Lo (see the works of Robert Krause)
    • Cycle lines - Cycle at any count of trade or calendar day (week, month...) periods .
    • Gann Fan
    • Square root from extremes
    • Square of maximum (ZeroLine)
    • Square of minimum (ZeroLine)
    • Square of range
    • Square of 52/90/144 - S52/S90/S144 - You can also plot squares with your own settings
    • Ganns Master Hexagon Chart
      • Levels of Hexagon Price
      • Levels of Hexagon Time
    • Ganns Square of 9
      • Levels of S9 Price
      • Levels of S9 Time
    • Ganns Square of 4
      • Levels of S4 Price
      • Levels of S4 Time

  • Functions, based upon Fibonacci techniques.
    • Fibo Lines
  • Functions, based upon astrological methods.
    • Moon's Stochastic
    • Price - Degree Line Convert price in degree .

  • Planetary search tool searches and marks planetary phenomena on a chart:
    • Aspects and their configurations (with or without orbis),
    • Periods when a planet is within a sign of the Zodiac,
    • Periods of ingression of a planet into a sign of the Zodiac,
    • Periods of retro- and direct movement.

  • Cycles analysis searches for, finds and marks on the chart the periods with the largest number of cycles corresponding to previous highs/lows. A rather powerful technique!!!
  • Swing - Module - Analyze and editing of the swings, use swings with many time frames in one chart. Sesonality and durations Analyze of the compain.
  • Master Charts Module
    • "Module Square 9" - allows to perform visual analysis of price and/or time levels of a given security. W.D. Ganns most popular trading tool is now integrated into the program!!!

    Program use bouth calendar and trading days!
    Overlaying and combining various planetary price and cycle lines and other Ganns tools on the same chart.
    Changing the interface language (English ↔ Russian).
    Saving and loading users profiles and workplaces.
    Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly data.
    The program handles EOD - End Of Day data in off-line mode.
    Format of data: Text-files (.asc, .txt, .prn) in many - many formats; start from version v.2.3 - Metastock format; start from version v.3 - MetaTrader format and CSI-format!

    If You want to know more about program, it's possibilitys, cost and so on - write me on e-mail: please!